So this is where I’ll be dumping down my general thaughts …

I’m a Swedish  (Java) developer currently plying my trade in corporate IT in London. I know, some people say corporate IT is one of the inner circles of hell and sometimes it is. But on the other hand you get the chance to see things through with a longer perspective in mind which you most oftern don’t get to do as a consultant. I did start out, in and have been back to, consultancies during my 9 years of working and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed that too though. There are benefits in both, the grass on either sides of the fence are just different shades of green.

During my 9 years I have been doing a lot of things, Java,, C#and I nearly became an Oracle DBA at one point (consider that a near-miss 😉 ) but my main interests, and what I always seem to end up doing are twofold

  • Architecture / design. Applying designs patterns and looking at the bigger picture trying to make the solution work as a whole.
  • Methodologies / processes. How can we continuously make sure we are improving the way we work, what tools are we using and how are we interacting with the people around us?

The methodologies and process interest started out around 2002-2003 when my then project manager got hold of the XP series by Kent Beck, and I really havent looked back since. The next natural thing to set my teeth in is Lean, which has a lot of promising concepts and lot of good brains attached to it and I think it will definately be beneficial for the software indust. Most other industries are constantly improving their processes, I find it fascinating that we still clinging to waterfall 20 (30?) years on in the software industry.I am a techie though, well maybe more a problem solver who likes technology, so I’ll hopefully get to do try to change the way we work and code.


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