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Optimizing the whole

I read this blog post a while back and it struck me as having a lot af lean elements to it.
I see a lot of similarities between balancing throughput, latency and variance that Beck describes and the concepts of muri, mura and muda and how it is used here in this entry about the toyota production system.

Increasing throughput in the way that Beck suggests is one of the ways of reducing Muri, and Becks conclusion of this leading to reduced variance is in line with the Toyota experience (mura translates to unevennes, inconsistencies). When it comes to latency, this is one of the types of waste that is muda and lean software engineering theories is set to eliminate.  (I recommend attending Alistair Cockburns webinars or reading Corey Ladas or Karl Scotland on this )

An unbalaced approach to these three legs will have detrimental effects on the other two, and thus the main objective is to optimize the whole. Its not about getting the highest throughput in develoment or achieveing zero variance. Its about getting all three legs to balance as Beck points out and that is what eliminates waste which is key in the Toyota production system.

Thats just what I read into it, I might be reading too much into it..
But at the moment i am trying to set up automated builds, continuous integration and deployment in my workplace in order to reduce our variance ( in quality) and increase throughput (by getting rid of manual builds and releases).

I was always thinking of this as a step towards getting leaner, and this post was a great encouragement…