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I just came across an interesting post about performace antipatterns in my RSS readerthis morning and I couldn’t agree more on 99.9 % of the contents.  There are two comments I feel are worth making though.

Layering is, of course adding extra noise to applications, but there are just so many instances where incorrect layering is causing serious quality problems. Big-ball-of-mud being one my peronal favourite among them.  A properly layered architecture should also reduce the number of WTF’s  per minute dramatically.

Reuse. In  a normal scenario, you’ll be doing several things in multiple scenarios, to keep yourself DRY, reuse is a must. Not only is this also a WTF/minute reducer but it aids in testability, development speed and consistency as well.

The quoute at the end sums this up nicely

Software reuse is a fine goal, but beware of violating the assumptions made during its development

The key points of this is that there are circumstances where it is necessary to trade some of the overall performance (in throughput) for quality and speed of development.